github rancher/rke2 v1.25.5+rke2r1

9 months ago

This release update Kubernetes to v1.25.5+rke2r1, fixes a number of minor issues, and includes security updates.

Important Note

If your server (control-plane) nodes were not started with the --token CLI flag or config file key, a randomized token was generated during initial cluster startup. This key is used both for joining new nodes to the cluster, and for encrypting cluster bootstrap data within the datastore. Ensure that you retain a copy of this token, as is required when restoring from backup.

You may retrieve the token value from any server already joined to the cluster:

cat /var/lib/rancher/rke2/server/token

Changes since v1.25.4+rke2r1:

  • Don't try to validate Linux CIS profile compliance on Windows (#3568)
  • Update channels.yaml for November (#3575)
  • Utilize Jenkins env vars for required cluster creation variables (#3576)
  • Terminate pods directly via CRI instead of waiting for kubelet cleanup (#3567)
  • Bump K3s and component versions (#3577)
  • Refactor Windows Calico code (#3543)
  • Take nodeIP into account to configure the calico networks (#3530)
  • Switching from GCP gcs to AWS s3 buckets (#3563)
  • Remove old docs (#3584)
  • DualStack e2e test fix and additional netpol test (#3574)
  • Create upgrade test in TF and refactor to allow running packages separately (#3583)
  • Fix aws s3 artifact upload issues (#3601)
  • Add more tests to the windows env (#3594)
  • Update tf variable for AWS to be more clear (#3609)
  • Add rke2 standalone install script for Windows (#3608)
  • Support autodetection interface methods in windows (#3615)
  • Update rke2-multus chart to v3.9-build2022102805 (#3622)
  • Update Canal version (#3625)
  • Update rke2-calico chart to v3.24.501 (#3620)
  • Fix Jenkinsfile typo and clarify support for oracle in TF automation (#3611)
  • Updated cilium version and added new cilium images (#3642)
  • Bump metrics-server tag (#3647)
  • Bump K3s version for v1.25 (#3646)
  • Bump ingress-nginx to 1.4.1 (#3653)
  • Update to version 1.25.5 (#3670)
  • Bump K3s and containerd versions for v1.25 (#3675)
  • [Backport v1.25] Fixed cilium chart when enabled hubble images (#3688)
  • Bump ingress-nginx (#3709)

Packaged Component Versions

Component Version
Kubernetes v1.25.5
Etcd v3.5.4-k3s1
Containerd v1.6.12-k3s1
Runc v1.1.4
Metrics-server v0.6.2
CoreDNS v1.9.3
Ingress-Nginx 4.1.0
Helm-controller v0.13.1

Available CNIs

Component Version FIPS Compliant
Canal (Default) Flannel v0.20.2
Calico v3.24.5
Calico v3.24.5 No
Cilium v1.12.4 No
Multus v3.9 No

Known Issues

  • #1447 - When restoring RKE2 from backup to a new node, you should ensure that all pods are stopped following the initial restore:
curl -sfL | sudo INSTALL_RKE2_VERSION=v1.25.5+rke2r1
rke2 server \
  --cluster-reset \
  --cluster-reset-restore-path=<PATH-TO-SNAPSHOT> --token <token used in the original cluster>
systemctl enable rke2-server
systemctl start rke2-server

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