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This release updates Kubernetes to v1.24.4, fixes a number of minor issues, and includes security updates.

Important Note

If your server (control-plane) nodes were not started with the --token CLI flag or config file key, a randomized token was generated during initial cluster startup. This key is used both for joining new nodes to the cluster, and for encrypting cluster bootstrap data within the datastore. Ensure that you retain a copy of this token, as is required when restoring from backup.

You may retrieve the token value from any server already joined to the cluster:

cat /var/lib/rancher/rke2/server/token

Changes since v1.24.3+rke2r1:

  • Updating stable to 1.23.9 (#3179)
  • Updated cilium to v1.12.0 (#3185)
  • Remove refs to migration (#3191)
  • Add health checks to apiserver and kube-proxy (#3146)
  • Fix broken links to in docs (#3149)
  • Don't create force-restart dir in current working dir when restoring (#3197)
  • Improve static pod probing
  • RKE2 static pods now include readiness, liveness, and startup probes with defaults that match those configured by kubeadm.
  • RKE2 static pod probe timings and thresholds can be customized with the --control-plane-probe-configuration flag. (#3204)
  • Bump K3s and remotedialer (#3208)
  • Add ingress network policy (#3220)
  • Adding format for adrs, adding process for updating and revisiting (#3161)
  • Use container-runtime-endpoint flag for criConnection (#3232)
  • Convert codespell from Drone to GH actions (#3246)
  • Upgrade to v1.24.4-rke2r1 (#3243)
  • Work around issue with empty servicelb namespace (#3255)
  • Fix issue setting multiple control-plane config values from config file (#3257)
  • Document ingress in CIS mode issue (#3264)
  • Bump K3s version for v1.24 (#3265)

Packaged Component Versions

Component Version
Kubernetes v1.24.4
Etcd v3.5.4
Containerd v1.5.13-k3s1
Runc v1.1.3
Metrics-server v0.5.0
CoreDNS v1.9.3
Ingress-Nginx 4.1.0
Helm-controller v0.12.3

Available CNIs

Component Version FIPS Compliant
Canal (Default) Flannel v0.17.0
Calico v3.23.1
Calico v3.23.1 No
Cilium v1.12.0 No
Multus v3.8 No

Known Issues

  • #1447 - When restoring RKE2 from backup to a new node, you should ensure that all pods are stopped following the initial restore:
curl -sfL | sudo INSTALL_RKE2_VERSION=v1.24.4+rke2r1
rke2 server \
  --cluster-reset \
  --cluster-reset-restore-path=<PATH-TO-SNAPSHOT> --token <token used in the original cluster>
systemctl enable rke2-server
systemctl start rke2-server

Helpful Links

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