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15 months ago

This release is RKE2's first in the v1.24 line. This release updates Kubernetes to v1.24.1.

As this release includes a number of significant changes from previous versions, we will not make v1.24 available via the stable release channel until v1.24.2+rke2r1 or later.

Before upgrading from earlier releases, be sure to read the Kubernetes Urgent Upgrade Notes.

Important Note

If your server (control-plane) nodes were not started with the --token CLI flag or config file key, a randomized token was generated during initial cluster startup. This key is used both for joining new nodes to the cluster, and for encrypting cluster bootstrap data within the datastore. Ensure that you retain a copy of this token, as is required when restoring from backup.

You may retrieve the token value from any server already joined to the cluster:

cat /var/lib/rancher/rke2/server/token

Changes since v1.23.6+rke2r2:

  • Bump upgrade controller version and improve readability (#2818)
  • Updating the vSphere CPI chart version. (#2868)
  • Update Cilium version (#2865)
  • Update calico version (#2866)
  • Update Multus chart and sriov/multus images (#2854)
  • Update rke2 channel (#2872)
  • Multiple docs updates (#2894)
  • Include subcommands in docs sidebar (#2896)
  • Bump Kubernetes and k3s to v1.24.0 (#2869)
  • Remove failure:ignore instruction in .drone.yml (#2699)
  • Bump containerd for S390x (#2900)
  • Update canal to 3.22.2 (#2903)
  • Move windows agent dependencies check to CI (#2880)
  • Updated calico to 3.23.0 (#2904)
  • Update multus to the latest chart version (#2921)
  • Ipv6 support (#2926)
  • Support rpm creation and installation from individual commits (#2542)
  • Ignore Windows artifacts when creating Linux bundle (#2928)
  • Updated Calico chart to fix update (#2948)
  • Updated Calico to v3.23.1 (#2950)
  • Change windows calico setup to generate a sa token (#2940)
  • Update (#2957)
  • Added flannel wireguard interface deletion (#2961)
  • Bump K3s for calico egress-selector fix (#2931)
  • Bump k3s and etcd (#2964)
  • Fixed canal chart for IPv6 only setup (#2966)
  • Bump hardened-etcd version (#2968)
  • Fix calico chart to accept ipPool value (#2979)
  • Update Cilium to 1.11.5 (#2971)
  • Upgrade kubernetes to v1.24.1 (#2996)
  • Bump K3s version to fix issue with kubelet addresses (#3009)
  • Disable egress-selector for calico/multus/none (#3012)
  • Bump K3s version to fix dual-stack node-ip issue (#3015)
  • Bump containerd, runc, k3s (#3022)
  • Remove cni-based egress-selector config and bump k3s (#3025)
  • May release v1.24.1+rke2r2 (#3030)
  • Unconditionally set egress-selector-mode to disabled (#3035)

Packaged Component Versions


Available CNIs

ComponentVersionFIPS Compliant
Canal (Default)Flannel v0.17.0
Calico v3.22.2

Known Issues

  • #1447 - When restoring RKE2 from backup to a new node, you should ensure that all pods are stopped following the initial restore:
curl -sfL | sudo INSTALL_RKE2_VERSION=v1.24.1+rke2r2
rke2 server \
  --cluster-reset \
  --cluster-reset-restore-path=<PATH-TO-SNAPSHOT> --token <token used in the original cluster>
systemctl enable rke2-server
systemctl start rke2-server

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