github rancher/rke2 v1.21.6+rke2r1

23 months ago

This release updates Kubernetes to v1.21.6, fixes a number of minor issues, and includes an update to ingress-nginx that resolves CVE-2021-25742.

For more details on what's new, see the Kubernetes release notes.

Changes since v1.21.5+rke2r2

  • Update Kubernetes to v1.21.6 (#2060)
  • The ingress-nginx helm chart has been upgraded to version 4.0.3. (#1941)
    This resolves CVE-2021-25742.
  • Servers will no longer occasionally create duplicate static pods during upgrades. (#1967)
  • Servers will no longer join etcd clusters until the new member is more prepared to do so. (#1990)
  • Flannel's vxlan backend now generates its own MAC addresses, preventing systemd 242+ from changing them unexpectedly. (#2006)
  • The rke2-coredns chart has been updated to ensure that multiple etcd pods are not scheduled on the same node. (#2033)
  • Cluster member addresses are now updated when resetting/restoring etcd via --cluster-reset. (#2030)
  • The rke2 etcd-snapshot subcommand now honors config file settings. (#2030)

Packaged Component Versions

Component Version
Kubernetes v1.21.6
Etcd v3.4.13-k3s1
Containerd v1.4.11-k3s1
Runc v1.0.2
CNI Plugins v0.8.7
Metrics-server v0.3.6
CoreDNS v1.8.5
Ingress-Nginx 4.0.3
Helm-controller v0.10.8

Available CNIs

Component Version FIPS Compliant
Canal (Default) Flannel v0.15.1
Calico v3.20.1
Calico v3.19.2 No
Cilium v1.10.4 No
Multus v3.7.1 No

Known Issues

  • #1447 - When restoring RKE2 from backup to a new node, you should ensure that all pods are stopped following the initial restore:
curl -sfL | sudo INSTALL_RKE2_VERSION=v1.21.6+rke2r1
rke2 server \
  --cluster-reset \
  --cluster-reset-restore-path=<PATH-TO-SNAPSHOT> --token <token used in the original cluster>
systemctl enable rke2-server
systemctl start rke2-server

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