github rakugoteam/Rakugo 3.2.1RC1
Rakugo 3.2.1 - Point&Click Features v0.1

12 months ago

Fix bugs:
  • quitting froze game
  • going further in dialogues sometimes doesn't work
  • custom icons for Rakugo's nodes now works

New features:

  • added MouseBody2D node as work around for not working mouse input on Area2D
  • added AreaButton2D (to be used with MouseBody2D) to easy crate clickable areas (like in point&click games)
  • to make it easier to mix Rakugo with other game genres mechanics:
    • now Rakugo attach current scene to Viewport
    • now, by default, DialoguePanel is hidden until is called by Dialogue node

To update 3.2.0 unpack and add highlight to map inputs (to for example F1 key).
To test unpack it into Rakugo 3.2.1 project and play using Play Scene option.

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