github rakugoteam/Rakugo 3.2.0

latest release: 3.2.1RC1
13 months ago


Using new RakugoTextLabel by in-game gui, breaks in-game gui from 3.1.


  • remove simple_markdown markup from project
  • new RakugoTextLabel Node that allows to use renpy, markdown or bbcode in gui
  • remade menu, dialogue, notify() gui to use it.
  • gui menu now supports \n (multiple lines) in choice labels
  • menu() can now use shorten choice arrays for example ["First choice", 1] instead of ["First choice", 1, {}]
  • menu() can now use array of just strings in this case it will return label as choice
  • Multiple dialog display styles support out of the box - no longer is needed setup as was described in docs for 3.1
  • Use consts to get project settings instead of string when it can be


Just unpack to overwrite your Rakugo 3.1 project.

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