github rakugoteam/Rakugo 2.1.06
Rakugo 2.1.06

latest releases: 3.2.1RC1, 3.2.0
22 months ago
  • Fixes for RPG Game Kit
  • Fix RakugoRangeVar - now works as intended
  • Made RakugoTextLabel preview works in editor
  • Change text passer to Singleton to make ⬆️ above possible
  • Add DELIVERED_STATE to quest states
  • Add icon value to CharacterObj - not useful yet
  • Add flag Rakugo.can_show_in_game_gui
  • Better working"InGameGUI") now it works only if Rakugo.can_show_in_game_gui = true
  • fixes in Rakugo Project Settings tab
  • Better code in gui/Screens/Screens.tscn

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