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2 years ago

Upgrading the cluster-operator to this version will update RabbitMQ clusters (i.e. will cause rolling update of the underlying StatefulSets).
If you want to control when a RabbitMQ cluster gets updated, make sure to pause reconciliation before upgrading the cluster-operator.
After upgrading the cluster-operator, resume reconciliation whenever it's safe to update the RabbitMQ cluster.
See Pause reconciliation for a RabbitMQ cluster.

Release Notes

  • Support Vault via vault-k8s (#846) [e4e4271]
  • Bump default-user-credential-updater to v1.0.0 [c366fae]
  • Make PVC scaling more idempotent & resilient to crashes (#838) [35d4743]
  • Merge pull request #841 from rabbitmq/username-prefix [27ae637]
  • Prefix generated username with 'default_user_' [0455f60]
  • add set-login-password-username sample [ad3e73f]

Dependency Changes

  • Bump from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2 [00bc1f1]
  • Bump from 4.12.2 to 4.13.0 [a723a15]
  • Bump from 4.13.0 to 4.13.2 [05fa9b9]
  • Bump from 1.63.0 to 1.63.2 [71f0c6a]
  • Bump from 4.3.0 to 4.4.0 [79fa547]

Other Changes

  • Make manifests [2673f7d]
  • Bump timeouts [82cfd8b]
  • Make executable [3c570fa]
  • Add test for contributed example in #839 [c8cca1a]
  • Merge pull request #839 from isdaniel/main [71a0533]
  • Fix broken URL [7452049]
  • Use logger dev mode when running binary locally [40b1750]
  • Use HaveLen() matcher in unit tests [40d7656]
  • Remove double negate assertion in unit tests [8c9c58f]
  • Do not run clustering tests for v3.8.8 [9dcd0c9]
  • Better variable naming [5b491ca]

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