github rabbitmq/cluster-operator v1.8.3

latest releases: v2.9.0, v2.8.0, v2.7.0...
2 years ago

Release Notes

  • Open stream ports when osr plugin is enabled [17550dc]
  • Bump RabbitMQ-Stream dashboard to latest revision [4b0f638]
  • Revert "Enable tmate debug session for PR workflow" [bad691c]
  • Add extra logging and event detail when attempting to scale down cluster (#828) [53fa54b]
  • Don't create PVC if (#786) [367e858]

Dependency Changes

  • Bump from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1 [98c9fe8]
  • Bump from 4.12.0 to 4.12.1 [1c84ec6]
  • Bump from 4.12.1 to 4.12.2 [ec2feeb]
  • Bump from 1.62.0 to 1.63.0 [ec1fd67]
  • Bump Go stream client to v0.13-alpha (#756) [581e6c1]
  • Bump to latest kustomize v4 [98d19da]

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