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2 years ago

Upgrading the cluster-operator to this version will update RabbitMQ clusters (i.e. will cause rolling update of the underlying StatefulSets).
If you want to control when a RabbitMQ cluster gets updated, make sure to pause reconciliation before upgrading the cluster-operator.
After upgrading the cluster-operator, resume reconciliation whenever it's safe to update the RabbitMQ cluster.
See Pause reconciliation for a RabbitMQ cluster.

Note: This release removes support for Kubernetes 1.18. Please upgrade to 1.19 in order to use the operator on this version.

Release Notes

  • Merge pull request #921 from rabbitmq/k-rmq-perf-test-improvements [c8393c8]
  • Allow a default to be set for imagePullSecrets on operator scope (#926) [5f98b43]
  • Deploy kubernetes Jobs for perf-test and stream-perf-test. [a792589]
  • Merge pull request #927 from rabbitmq/fsGroup-openshift [6d9a96b]
  • Set podSecurityContext.fsGroup to 0 instead of 999 [da92f69]
  • Bump k8s api 1.22 (#913) [d1ff901]
  • Merge pull request #902 from rabbitmq/remove-delve [c742d97]
  • Removing delve debugger from tools [a9c5d3f]
  • Merge pull request #889 from rabbitmq/fix-tls-wss-ports [a7fb232]
  • Fix port exposure in MQTT/STOMP and WS variants [18030dc]
  • Merge pull request #888 from rabbitmq/appProtocolField-878 [c8f420d]
  • Merge pull request #872 from rabbitmq/fix-system-tests [c91a0c8]
  • Merge pull request #887 from rabbitmq/disable-non-tls-listener [5f8578d]
  • Run go fmt on system_tests package [88c80d9]
  • Include protocol information in Service ports [98789cb]
  • Last production-ready example refinement. [18cb4a5]
  • Add more refinements to the production example README [106d115]
  • Merge pull request #886 from rabbitmq/extra-prroduction-ready-info [5c77366]
  • Do not requeue error when disableNonTLSListen is set to [4881d46]
  • Use kubectl-create in PR workflow [dca881c]
  • Answer some production-ready questions that came up in private threads [bceb270]
  • Add comment for OpenShift Vault deployment [eef774f]
  • Move stream test case together with other plugin [e97687d]
  • Replace Errorf by Printf [5b97338]
  • Use Eventually rather than for-loop [5de00ba]
  • Unfocus [a7e0e7a]
  • Use k8sQueryTimeout rather than hardcoding it [07d03fe]
  • Retry stream connection [73fac8e]
  • Unfocus volume expansion test [9b857b9]
  • Ramp up timeout to wait for PVC expansion [6b1484d]
  • Ramp up timeout when calling k8s api [49f10a3]
  • Ramp up timeout to wait for ConfigMap annotation [7abef6a]
  • Wait until mqtt/stomp ports are ready [349a250]
  • Add links to YouTube videos [9c46a6b]
  • Bump Vault Helm chart to v0.16.1 [1527254]
  • Raise mqtt connect wait time [8e329a2]
  • Add some examples of per-queue alerts/dashboards (#865) [2446575]

Dependency Changes

  • Bump from 2.10.0 to 2.12.0 [272da23]
  • Bump from 4.13.4 to 4.13.5 [63ba896]
  • Bump from 4.13.5 to 4.14.1 [a8a7fad]
  • Bump from 4.14.1 to 4.14.2 [872b9db]
  • Bump from 4.14.2 to 4.15.1 [db69cc9]
  • Bump from 4.15.1 to 4.16.1 [1d6f7f9]
  • Bump from 4.16.1 to 4.16.2 [04ff15b]
  • Bump from 1.16.0 to 1.17.0 [95e9c87]
  • Bump from 1.63.2 to 1.64.0 [f90ef73]
  • Bump from 1.64.0 to 1.65.0 [edece9e]
  • Bump from 1.65.0 to 1.66.0 [eb5d776]
  • Bump from 1.66.0 to 1.66.1 [740561e]
  • Bump from 1.66.1 to 1.66.2 (#911) [78db81e]
  • Bump from 4.4.0 to 4.4.1 [f36475c]

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