github rabbitmq/cluster-operator v1.0.0

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3 years ago

Breaking Changes

We have deleted the property spec.tls.caCertName. The cluster operator hardcodes the caCertName to ca.crt.

Release Notes

  • Correct mTLS example [934d6f7]
  • Share TLS config with management, amqp 1.0, (web) mqtt and (web) stomp plugins (#451) [41bbbbf]
  • Prepend git tag with v (#465) [f6f9bc8]
  • Merge pull request #461 from rabbitmq/update-kubernetes-version [6d3c093]
  • Add kubectl rabbitmq tail subcommand (#462) [8488f9f]
  • Fix failing release GitHub action (#460) [911ef0e]
  • Update minimum Kubernetes version [99c37e1]

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