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3 years ago

Breaking Changes

We've renamed resources created by the operator to make them shorter. It makes it more convenient to work with RabbitMQ, especially (old names wouldn't even fit in some dashboards for example). Unfortunately that means that you have to delete your clusters before upgrading to 0.49, sorry. We wanted to make that change before releasing a stable version.

Release Notes

  • Merge pull request #449 from rabbitmq/label-annotation-inheritance [ba7d532]
  • Stop updating labels/annotations for plugins configMap [06a5c83]
  • Add 'kubectl rabbitmq version' command (#450) [a456659]
  • Stop updating label/annotation on server conf configMap [b127e59]
  • Stop populate CR labels/annotions to pods [660aa43]
  • Add automation to bump kubectl rabbitmq in krew index (#448) [4a06999]
  • Add tests for kubectl plugin (#445) [db113e5]
  • Merge pull request #447 from rabbitmq/rename [dda2be1]
  • Drop '-client' suffix from rmq service [b5d7713]
  • Rename headless svc suffix to "nodes" [bc8bc2f]
  • Remove 'rabbitmq' from child resources suffix [def80cc]
  • Move example file to the right folder [d76175b]
  • Merge pull request #401 from rabbitmq/production-example [3c93b46]
  • Add SSD storageClass example [6058344]
  • Merge pull request #443 from rabbitmq/cluster-operator-441 [7620e52]
  • Rename port 15672 to "management" (#444) [459c281]
  • Update RabbitMQ helm chart to also use the management variant [6f0af78]
  • Avoid unnecessary object updates (#438) [d4b6129]
  • Use management variant of RabbitMQ image as default [34f6600]
  • bump resources [2bb6bd7]
  • Enable all feature flags for new clusters (#434) [bab4c6e]
  • Ensure MY_POD_NAME, MY_POD_NAMESPACE, and K8S_SERVICE_NAME envVar defined first (#437) [d0298dc]
  • Merge pull request #436 from rabbitmq/fix-name-prefix-in-overlays [2a553b2]
  • Remove name prefix from default kustomization [d2c94a7]
  • Make TerminationGracePeriodSeconds configurable (#430) [7244faa]
  • Format expected config file with ini pkg (#429) [ada0c87]
  • Bump timeout in mqtt/stomp system tests (#428) [5d74b52]
  • Set up rabbitmqadmin automatically (#426) [3cba654]
  • Apply same code format for all resources (#427) [6fc47e6]
  • Separate rabbitmqcluster_controller into smaller files (#418) [7fdb23c]
  • Use the well-known topologyKey [30c6627]
  • An example of a production cluster configuration. [c8be0b3]

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