github rabbitmq/cluster-operator 0.48.0

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3 years ago

Release Notes

  • Bump (#425) [98a310c]
  • Use a tcp readiness probe instead of cli command (#410) [01b3683]
  • Merge pull request #422 from rabbitmq/rename-erlang-port [7b4de78]
  • Rename cluster-links to cluster-rpc in headless service. [155a965]
  • Set topologySpreadConstraints by default [4d3d3db]
  • Merge pull request #421 from rabbitmq/disk-limit [7d080b4]
  • Set disk free space limit to 2GB by default [4a2faae]
  • Merge pull request #407 from rabbitmq/dependabot/go_modules/ [88efbd0]
  • Bump from 1.4.1 to 1.5.0 [45081a2]
  • Omit replicas from encoding when empty (#405) [572a285]
  • Add rabbit memory limit (#403) [396e5c6]
  • Merge pull request #394 from rabbitmq/configuration-updates [73233e7]
  • Consistent variable naming in integration tests [b131459]
  • Remove redundent and wrong assertion [ffe8a0d]
  • Merge pull request #400 from rabbitmq/imagePullSecrets [eee6aba]
  • Use most appropriate matcher [25d2528]
  • Remove duplicate code [a1d63dd]
  • Wait for status ClusterAvailable to be updated [5228979]
  • Increase timeout for config map annotation [f3cf78a]
  • Change spec.imagePullSecrets to spec.imagePullSecrets [0bcfb64]
  • Make replicas optional (#393) [7bb5e4e]
  • Use DescribeTable in server config updates integration-tests [9a481bc]
  • Rename configmaps const names to be more explicit [7ae8c5b]
  • Remove unused method UpdateRequiresStsRestart [63ea25c]
  • Ensure rabbit server configurations by using timestamp annotations [d70e0c3]
  • Add K8s version to system test names [e33d7a6]
  • Rephrase some controller comments [e317c24]
  • Merge pull request #391 from rabbitmq/dependabot/go_modules/ [df0c630]
  • Merge pull request #386 from rabbitmq/system-tests-mqtt [1e91931]
  • Bump from 1.14.1 to 1.14.2 [b0cb970]
  • Merge pull request #388 from rabbitmq/rename-admin-to-defaultuser [4c87d13]
  • Merge pull request #390 from rabbitmq/dependabot/go_modules/ [162eb6b]
  • Merge pull request #389 from rabbitmq/defaulting [039848e]
  • Add defaulting unit tests for spec.service.type and [ffdfc71]
  • Use CRD defaulting [cd26b91]
  • Allow users to automatically run rabbitmq-queues rebalance all after cluster restarts (#385) [fd611cd]
  • Do not expect success on token timeout [48d2f01]
  • Bump from 1.10.2 to 1.10.3 [7116040]
  • Rename admin to default user [a3ab4b0]
  • Move exported Build and Update functions to the top [c6c8ccf]

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