github rabbitmq/cluster-operator 0.46.0

latest releases: v2.9.0, v2.8.0, v2.7.0...
3 years ago

Release Notes

  • Merge pull request #356 from rabbitmq/retry-logic-system-tests [56e2f09]
  • Add retry logic to MQTT/STOMP test suite [9eef51c]
  • Merge pull request #355 from rabbitmq/rename-registry [5c2fae9]
  • Update registry reference to new registry [5ad4b4b]
  • Simplify installation method in kubectl-rabbitmq [d5444f5]
  • Merge pull request #346 from rabbitmq/340-default-user-pass [6a8a87e]
  • Minor rewording [0d5b4fb]
  • Change admin secret to projected volume [706cf8f]
  • Fix double-encoding of config file and update README with min RMQ version [df0fab0]
  • Correct admin secret volumes [0bce98a]
  • Configure default user/password through conf.d [c39b820]

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