github rabbitmq/cluster-operator 0.29.0

latest releases: v2.9.0, v2.8.0, v2.7.0...
3 years ago

## Release Notes

  • Merge pull request #317 from rabbitmq/update-commands [d841f07]
  • Merge pull request #318 from rabbitmq/small-refactoring [ac9e368]
  • Use new rabbitmq-upgrade commands in preStop hook [65bd760]
  • Methods k8sCreateSecretTLS should use provided secretName variable [686e9ad]
  • Remove unused const and methods [0e48cf4]
  • Remove redundant type conversions and annotations [1246366]
  • Rename receivers for consistency in package api/ [ae199bb]
  • Remove redundant package alias [b44f0aa]
  • Error string shouldn't be capitalized [b242921]

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