github qvacua/vimr v0.36.0

latest releases: neovim-nightly, v0.41.2-20220628.220813, v0.41.1-20220628.205401...
5 months ago
  • Neovim 0.6.1 😀
  • GH-876: Forward Cmd-. to Neovim. Thank you @imkerberos!
  • GH-881: Make the ESC key cancel "Not yet saved"-dialogs. Thank you @jasonm!
  • GH-874: Make Chinese input possible (and simplify input method handling in general), thank you very much, @SolaWing!
  • GH-805 (GH-415): Vertically center-align text. Thank you @apaleslimghost!
  • Improve menu item key equivalent handling.
  • Dependencies updates:
    • sindresorhus/github-markdown-css@5.0.0

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