github qunitjs/qunit v1.10.0

  • Core: Add module and test name to the information that is returned in the callback provided to QUnit.log(Function). Fixes #296.
    • Core: Make QUnit.expect() without arguments a getter. Fixes #226.
    • Core: Keep a local reference to Date constructor. Fixes #283.
    • Assert: The deepEqual method now compares the ES6 sticky y property for RegExp values. Fixes #284.
    • HTML Reporter: Scroll the window back to top after tests finished running. Fixes #304.
    • HTML Reporter: Force display of global errors despite URL parameters. Fixes #288.
    • HTML Reporter: Add module filter to UI.
    • Phantomjs plugin: Simplify phantomjs runner to use module property in testDone callback.
    • Update copyright to jQuery Foundation.
    • Simplify licensing: Only MIT, no more MIT/GPL dual licensing.
latest releases: 2.17.2, 2.17.1, 2.17.0...
14 months ago