github qunitjs/qunit 2.17.0


  • HTML Reporter: Add "Rerun failed tests" link. (Jan Buscht√∂ns) #1626
  • Core: New error event for bailing on uncaught errors. (Timo Tijhof) #1638


  • Core: Improve warning for incorrect hook usage to include module name. (Chris Krycho) #1647


  • Core: The internal QUnit.onError and QUnit.onUnhandledRejection callbacks are deprecated. #1638

These were undocumented, but may have been used in a fork or other custom runner for QUnit.
Switch to the supported QUnit.onUncaughtException instead.


  • Assert: Improve validation handling of assert.throws() and assert.rejects(). (Steve McClure) #1637
  • Core: Ensure skipped child module hooks don't leak memory. (Ben Demboski) #1650
  • Core: Fix bad module nesting when module closure throws global error. #1478
  • Core: Fix reporting of uncaught errors during QUnit.begin(). (Timo Tijhof) #1446
  • Core: Fix reporting of uncaught errors during or after QUnit.done(). (Timo Tijhof) #1629
latest release: 2.17.1
11 days ago