github qunitjs/qunit 2.15.0


  • HTML Reporter: Trim whitespace of the filter input. (Nathaniel Furniss) #1573
  • CLI: Upgrade js-reporters to 2.0.0. #1577


  • Core: Warn when setting hooks for a different module. (Ray Cohen) #1586


  • Assert: Fix assert.throws() to fail gracefully when expected class does not match. (Steve McClure) #1530
  • CLI: Fix TAP output to support cyclical objects. (Zachary Mulgrew) #1555, js-reporters#104
  • CLI: Fix TAP output for the Infinity value, previously became null. (Timo Tijhof) #1406
  • CLI: Fix TAP output going silent if console object is mocked. (Timo Tijhof) #1340
latest releases: 2.17.2, 2.17.1, 2.17.0...
5 months ago