github qunitjs/qunit 2.13.0


  • Core: Log test name as part of "Assertion after test" failures. (brandonocasey) #1517
  • CLI: Add native support for ESM .mjs files on Node 12+. (Timo Tijhof) #1465


  • HTML Reporter: Deprecate PhantomJS. (Steve McClure)


  • Core: Count tests run so that suiteEnd emits correctly with active filters. (Stephen Yeung) #1416
  • Core: Fix test counter bug when nesting invalid test functions. (Timo Tijhof)
  • HTML Reporter: Avoid leaking Map global in older browsers. (Timo Tijhof)
latest releases: 2.17.1, 2.17.0, 2.16.0...
9 months ago