github quasarframework/quasar quasar-v2.15.2


  • feat(QDialog/QMenu): ease testing of teleported content
  • fix(ui): useInterval was not correctly exported #17021
  • fix(ui): Platform on Edge should be normalized to 'edge' #17039
  • fix(QExpansionItem): header-slot scope > detailsId is always undefined
  • fix(QCarouselSlide): JSON API - duplicated examples for "name" prop
  • chore(ui): move directives into individual folders (preparing the new testing)
  • chore(ui): move plugins into individual folders (prepare the new testing)

Example of how you can target the teleported content of a QDialog/Qmenu in your testing:

const wrapper = mount(QDialog, { ... })
const teleportedWrapper = wrapper.findComponent({ name: 'QPortal' })


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