github quantumblacklabs/kedro 0.17.4

Release 0.17.4

Major features and improvements

  • Added the following new datasets:
Type Description Location
plotly.PlotlyDataSet Works with plotly graph object Figures (saves as json file) kedro.extras.datasets.plotly

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Defined our set of Kedro Principles! Have a read through our docs.
  • ConfigLoader.get() now raises a BadConfigException, with a more helpful error message, if a configuration file cannot be loaded (for instance due to wrong syntax or poor formatting).
  • run_id now defaults to save_version when after_catalog_created is called, similarly to what happens during a kedro run.
  • Fixed a bug where kedro ipython and kedro jupyter notebook didn't work if the PYTHONPATH was already set.
  • Update the IPython extension to allow passing env and extra_params to reload_kedro similar to how the IPython script works.
  • kedro info now outputs if a plugin has any hooks or cli_hooks implemented.
  • PartitionedDataSet now supports lazily materializing data on save.
  • kedro pipeline describe now defaults to the __default__ pipeline when no pipeline name is provided and also shows the namespace the nodes belong to.
  • Fixed an issue where spark.SparkDataSet with enabled versioning would throw a VersionNotFoundError when using databricks-connect from a remote machine and saving to dbfs filesystem.
  • EmailMessageDataSet added to doctree.
  • When node inputs do not pass validation, the error message is now shown as the most recent exception in the traceback (Issue #761).
  • kedro pipeline package now only packages the parameter file that exactly matches the pipeline name specified and the parameter files in a directory with the pipeline name.
  • Extended support to newer versions of third-party dependencies (Issue #735).
  • Ensured consistent references to model input tables in accordance with our Data Engineering convention.
  • Changed behaviour where kedro pipeline package takes the pipeline package version, rather than the kedro package version. If the pipeline package version is not present, then the package version is used.
  • Launched GitHub Discussions and Kedro Discord Server
  • Improved error message when versioning is enabled for a dataset previously saved as non-versioned (Issue #625).
latest release: 0.17.5
3 months ago