github quantumblacklabs/kedro 0.17.2

Release 0.17.2

Major features and improvements

  • Added support for compress_pickle backend to PickleDataSet.
  • Enabled loading pipelines without creating a KedroContext instance:
from kedro.framework.project import pipelines

  • Projects generated with kedro>=0.17.2:
    • should define pipelines in rather than
    • when run as a package, will behave the same as kedro run

Bug fixes and other changes

  • If is not importable, the errors will be surfaced earlier in the process, rather than at runtime.

Minor breaking changes to the API

  • kedro pipeline list and kedro pipeline describe no longer accept redundant --env parameter.
  • from kedro.framework.cli.cli import cli no longer includes the new and starter commands.

Upcoming deprecations for Kedro 0.18.0

  • will be removed in release 0.18.0.

Thanks for supporting contributions

Sasaki Takeru

latest releases: 0.17.5, 0.17.4, 0.17.3...
6 months ago