github quantumblacklabs/kedro 0.16.5

Major features and improvements

  • Added the following new datasets.
Type Description Location
email.EmailMessageDataSet Manage email messages using the Python standard library
  • Added support for pyproject.toml to configure Kedro. pyproject.toml is used if .kedro.yml doesn't exist (Kedro configuration should be under [tool.kedro] section).
  • Projects created with this version will have no, having been replaced by
  • Added a set of registration hooks, as the new way of registering library components with a Kedro project:
    • register_pipelines(), to replace _get_pipelines()
    • register_config_loader(), to replace _create_config_loader()
    • register_catalog(), to replace _create_catalog()
      These can be defined in src/<package-name>/ and added to .kedro.yml (or pyproject.toml). The order of execution is: plugin hooks, .kedro.yml hooks, hooks in ProjectContext.hooks.
  • Added ability to disable auto-registered Hooks using .kedro.yml (or pyproject.toml) configuration file.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Added option to run asynchronously via the Kedro CLI.
  • Absorbed .isort.cfg settings into setup.cfg.
  • project_name, project_version and package_name now have to be defined in .kedro.yml for projects generated using Kedro 0.16.5+.
  • Packaging a modular pipeline raises an error if the pipeline directory is empty or non-existent.

Thanks for supporting contributions

Deepyaman Datta, Bas Nijholt, Sebastian Bertoli

latest releases: 0.17.5, 0.17.4, 0.17.3...
12 months ago