github quantumblacklabs/kedro 0.15.1

Major features and improvements

  • Extended versioning support to cover the tracking of environment setup, code and datasets.
  • Added the following datasets:
    • FeatherLocalDataSet in contrib for usage with pandas. (by @mdomarsaleem)
  • Added get_last_load_version and get_last_save_version to AbstractVersionedDataSet.
  • Implemented __call__ method on Node to allow for users to execute my_node(input1=1, input2=2) as an alternative to, input2=2)).
  • Added new --from-inputs run argument.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Fixed a bug in load_context() not loading context in non-Kedro Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Fixed a bug in ConfigLoader.get() not listing nested files for **-ending glob patterns.
  • Fixed a logging config error in Jupyter Notebook.
  • Updated documentation in 03_configuration regarding how to modify the configuration path.
  • Documented the architecture of Kedro showing how we think about library, project and framework components.
  • extras/ renamed to extras/ and now runs any IPython startup scripts without relying on the Kedro project structure.
  • Fixed TypeError when validating partial function's signature.
  • After a node failure during a pipeline run, a resume command will be suggested in the logs. This command will not work if the required inputs are MemoryDataSets.

Breaking changes to the API


Thanks for supporting contributions

Omar Saleem, Mariana Silva, Anil Choudhary, Craig

latest releases: 0.17.5, 0.17.4, 0.17.3...
2 years ago