github qdm12/ddns-updater v2.6.1

latest release: v2.7.0
24 days ago

⚠️ You might want to use release v2.7.0 which is below (due to the last commit time being before)

ℹ️ This is a bugfix release built with fixes only on top of the v2.6.0 program


  • custom: url building fixed ⚠️
  • Web UI: IPs chronological order fixed (reverse) 🖱️
  • IP echo: allow custom urls for http ip providers
  • inwx: allow wildcard hosts
  • ionos: wildcard handling
    • update root domain record fixed
    • detect existing root domain records
  • noip
    • IPv6 handling fixed
    • handle useproviderip set to true correctly
  • porkbun: wildcard update fixed

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