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PyTorch 2.2.2 Release, bug fix release

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25 days ago

This release is meant to fix the following issues (regressions / silent correctness):

  • Properly raise an error when trying to use inductor backend on non-supported platforms such as Windows (#115969)
  • Fix mkldnn performance issue on Windows platform (#121618)
  • Fix RuntimeError: cannot create std::vector larger than max_size() in torch.nn.functional.conv1d on non-contiguous cpu inputs by patching OneDNN (pytorch/builder#1742) (pytorch/builder#1744)
  • Add support for torch.distributed.fsdp.StateDictType.FULL_STATE_DICT for when using torch.distributed.fsdp.FullyShardedDataParallel with the device_mesh argument (#120837)
  • Fix make triton command on release branch for users building the release branch from source (#121169)
  • Ensure gcc>=9.0 for build from source and cpp_extensions (#120126)
  • Fix cxx11-abi build in release branch (pytorch/builder#1709)
  • Fix building from source on Windows source MSVC 14.38 - VS 2022 (#122120)

Release tracker #120999 contains all relevant pull requests related to this release as well as links to related issues.

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