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pytest 8.1.0 (YANKED)


This release has been yanked: it broke some plugins without the proper warning period, due to some warnings not showing up as expected. See #12069.


  • #11475: Added the new consider_namespace_packages{.interpreted-text role="confval"} configuration option, defaulting to False.

    If set to True, pytest will attempt to identify modules that are part of namespace packages when importing modules.

  • #11653: Added the new verbosity_test_cases{.interpreted-text role="confval"} configuration option for fine-grained control of test execution verbosity.
    See Fine-grained verbosity <pytest.fine_grained_verbosity>{.interpreted-text role="ref"} for more details.


  • #10865: pytest.warns{.interpreted-text role="func"} now validates that warnings.warn{.interpreted-text role="func"} was called with a [str]{.title-ref} or a [Warning]{.title-ref}.
    Currently in Python it is possible to use other types, however this causes an exception when warnings.filterwarnings{.interpreted-text role="func"} is used to filter those warnings (see CPython #103577 for a discussion).
    While this can be considered a bug in CPython, we decided to put guards in pytest as the error message produced without this check in place is confusing.

  • #11311: When using --override-ini for paths in invocations without a configuration file defined, the current working directory is used
    as the relative directory.

    Previoulsy this would raise an AssertionError{.interpreted-text role="class"}.

  • #11475: --import-mode=importlib <import-mode-importlib>{.interpreted-text role="ref"} now tries to import modules using the standard import mechanism (but still without changing :pysys.path{.interpreted-text role="data"}), falling back to importing modules directly only if that fails.

    This means that installed packages will be imported under their canonical name if possible first, for example app.core.models, instead of having the module name always be derived from their path (for example

  • #11801: Added the iter_parents() <_pytest.nodes.Node.iter_parents>{.interpreted-text role="func"} helper method on nodes.
    It is similar to listchain <_pytest.nodes.Node.listchain>{.interpreted-text role="func"}, but goes from bottom to top, and returns an iterator, not a list.

  • #11850: Added support for sys.last_exc{.interpreted-text role="data"} for post-mortem debugging on Python>=3.12.

  • #11962: In case no other suitable candidates for configuration file are found, a pyproject.toml (even without a [tool.pytest.ini_options] table) will be considered as the configuration file and define the rootdir.

  • #11978: Add --log-file-mode option to the logging plugin, enabling appending to log-files. This option accepts either "w" or "a" and defaults to "w".

    Previously, the mode was hard-coded to be "w" which truncates the file before logging.

  • #12047: When multiple finalizers of a fixture raise an exception, now all exceptions are reported as an exception group.
    Previously, only the first exception was reported.

Bug Fixes

  • #11904: Fixed a regression in pytest 8.0.0 that would cause test collection to fail due to permission errors when using --pyargs.

    This change improves the collection tree for tests specified using --pyargs, see 12043{.interpreted-text role="pull"} for a comparison with pytest 8.0 and <8.

  • #12011: Fixed a regression in 8.0.1 whereby setup_module xunit-style fixtures are not executed when --doctest-modules is passed.

  • #12014: Fix the stacklevel used when warning about marks used on fixtures.

  • #12039: Fixed a regression in 8.0.2 where tests created using tmp_path{.interpreted-text role="fixture"} have been collected multiple times in CI under Windows.

Improved Documentation

  • #11790: Documented the retention of temporary directories created using the tmp_path fixture in more detail.

Trivial/Internal Changes

  • #11785: Some changes were made to private functions which may affect plugins which access them:
    • FixtureManager._getautousenames() now takes a Node itself instead of the nodeid.
    • FixtureManager.getfixturedefs() now takes the Node itself instead of the nodeid.
    • The _pytest.nodes.iterparentnodeids() function is removed without replacement.
      Prefer to traverse the node hierarchy itself instead.
      If you really need to, copy the function from the previous pytest release.

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