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pytest 6.2.0 (2020-12-12)

Breaking Changes

  • #7808: pytest now supports python3.6+ only.


  • #7469: Directly constructing/calling the following classes/functions is now deprecated:

    • _pytest.cacheprovider.Cache
    • _pytest.cacheprovider.Cache.for_config()
    • _pytest.cacheprovider.Cache.clear_cache()
    • _pytest.cacheprovider.Cache.cache_dir_from_config()
    • _pytest.capture.CaptureFixture
    • _pytest.fixtures.FixtureRequest
    • _pytest.fixtures.SubRequest
    • _pytest.logging.LogCaptureFixture
    • _pytest.pytester.Pytester
    • _pytest.pytester.Testdir
    • _pytest.recwarn.WarningsRecorder
    • _pytest.recwarn.WarningsChecker
    • _pytest.tmpdir.TempPathFactory
    • _pytest.tmpdir.TempdirFactory

    These have always been considered private, but now issue a deprecation warning, which may become a hard error in pytest 7.0.0.

  • #7530: The --strict command-line option has been deprecated, use --strict-markers instead.

    We have plans to maybe in the future to reintroduce --strict and make it an encompassing flag for all strictness
    related options (--strict-markers and --strict-config at the moment, more might be introduced in the future).

  • #7988: The @pytest.yield_fixture decorator/function is now deprecated. Use pytest.fixture instead.

    yield_fixture has been an alias for fixture for a very long time, so can be search/replaced safely.


  • #5299: pytest now warns about unraisable exceptions and unhandled thread exceptions that occur in tests on Python>=3.8.
    See unraisable for more information.

  • #7425: New pytester fixture, which is identical to testdir but its methods return pathlib.Path when appropriate instead of py.path.local.

    This is part of the movement to use pathlib.Path objects internally, in order to remove the dependency to py in the future.

    Internally, the old Testdir <_pytest.pytester.Testdir> is now a thin wrapper around Pytester <_pytest.pytester.Pytester>, preserving the old interface.

  • #7695: A new hook was added, pytest_markeval_namespace which should return a dictionary.
    This dictionary will be used to augment the "global" variables available to evaluate skipif/xfail/xpass markers.

    Pseudo example

    def pytest_markeval_namespace():
        return {"color": "red"}

    @pytest.mark.skipif("color == 'blue'", reason="Color is not red")
    def test_func():
        assert False
  • #8006: It is now possible to construct a ~pytest.MonkeyPatch object directly as pytest.MonkeyPatch(),
    in cases when the monkeypatch fixture cannot be used. Previously some users imported it
    from the private _pytest.monkeypatch.MonkeyPatch namespace.

    Additionally, MonkeyPatch.context <pytest.MonkeyPatch.context> is now a classmethod,
    and can be used as with MonkeyPatch.context() as mp: .... This is the recommended way to use
    MonkeyPatch directly, since unlike the monkeypatch fixture, an instance created directly
    is not undo()-ed automatically.


  • #1265: Added an __str__ implementation to the ~pytest.pytester.LineMatcher class which is returned from pytester.run_pytest().stdout and similar. It returns the entire output, like the existing str() method.

  • #2044: Verbose mode now shows the reason that a test was skipped in the test's terminal line after the "SKIPPED", "XFAIL" or "XPASS".

  • #7469 The types of builtin pytest fixtures are now exported so they may be used in type annotations of test functions.
    The newly-exported types are:

    • pytest.FixtureRequest for the request fixture.
    • pytest.Cache for the cache fixture.
    • pytest.CaptureFixture[str] for the capfd and capsys fixtures.
    • pytest.CaptureFixture[bytes] for the capfdbinary and capsysbinary fixtures.
    • pytest.LogCaptureFixture for the caplog fixture.
    • pytest.Pytester for the pytester fixture.
    • pytest.Testdir for the testdir fixture.
    • pytest.TempdirFactory for the tmpdir_factory fixture.
    • pytest.TempPathFactory for the tmp_path_factory fixture.
    • pytest.MonkeyPatch for the monkeypatch fixture.
    • pytest.WarningsRecorder for the recwarn fixture.

    Constructing them is not supported (except for MonkeyPatch); they are only meant for use in type annotations.
    Doing so will emit a deprecation warning, and may become a hard-error in pytest 7.0.

    Subclassing them is also not supported. This is not currently enforced at runtime, but is detected by type-checkers such as mypy.

  • #7527: When a comparison between namedtuple <collections.namedtuple> instances of the same type fails, pytest now shows the differing field names (possibly nested) instead of their indexes.

  • #7615: Node.warn <_pytest.nodes.Node.warn> now permits any subclass of Warning, not just PytestWarning <pytest.PytestWarning>.

  • #7701: Improved reporting when using --collected-only. It will now show the number of collected tests in the summary stats.

  • #7710: Use strict equality comparison for non-numeric types in pytest.approx instead of
    raising TypeError.

    This was the undocumented behavior before 3.7, but is now officially a supported feature.

  • #7938: New --sw-skip argument which is a shorthand for --stepwise-skip.

  • #8023: Added 'node_modules' to default value for norecursedirs.

  • #8032: doClassCleanups <unittest.TestCase.doClassCleanups> (introduced in unittest in Python and 3.8) is now called appropriately.

Bug Fixes

  • #4824: Fixed quadratic behavior and improved performance of collection of items using autouse fixtures and xunit fixtures.
  • #7758: Fixed an issue where some files in packages are getting lost from --lf even though they contain tests that failed. Regressed in pytest 5.4.0.
  • #7911: Directories created by by tmp_path and tmpdir are now considered stale after 3 days without modification (previous value was 3 hours) to avoid deleting directories still in use in long running test suites.
  • #7913: Fixed a crash or hang in pytester.spawn <_pytest.pytester.Pytester.spawn> when the readline module is involved.
  • #7951: Fixed handling of recursive symlinks when collecting tests.
  • #7981: Fixed symlinked directories not being followed during collection. Regressed in pytest 6.1.0.
  • #8016: Fixed only one doctest being collected when using pytest --doctest-modules path/to/an/

Improved Documentation

  • #7429: Add more information and use cases about skipping doctests.
  • #7780: Classes which should not be inherited from are now marked final class in the API reference.
  • #7872: _pytest.config.argparsing.Parser.addini() accepts explicit None and "string".
  • #7878: In pull request section, ask to commit after editing changelog and authors file.

Trivial/Internal Changes

  • #7802: The attrs dependency requirement is now >=19.2.0 instead of >=17.4.0.
  • #8014: .pyc files created by pytest's assertion rewriting now conform to the newer PEP-552 format on Python>=3.7.
    (These files are internal and only interpreted by pytest itself.)

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