github pydio/cells v2.2.1
Bugfix and Security Release

A bugfix and security release for Cells 2.2 branch.


  • Hash the new "Personal Access Tokens" inside database
  • Fix content locking : possible manipulations could lead to file locked forever, readonly users could lock files via API
  • Fix public links custom hash

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Fix services start glitches
  • Fix vault issue when editing mailer configuration without changing the password
  • Fix Personal Access Token command parameters
  • Better move performance when target is a huge folder
  • [UX] Make "My Shares" dialog more user-friendly (tabs, scroll, filtering)

Cells Enterprise

  • New SFTP service was not shown as running (although it was)
  • Group Tenancy introduces a "group admin" role allowing to edit users permissions inside a group.

Upgrade is recommended. See Cells 2.2 release note for details about major release features.

Change log

You can find a summary of the change log here.

latest release: v2.2.2
7 days ago