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Release Candidate for Cells 2.2

Cells 2.2.0 will be a major step forward, General Availability is getting closer! Still beware that this release is not yet considered production-ready.

See the previous RC2 release note to learn more about new features.

RC3 Fixes

  • Cells commands have been re-organized, their "manpage" have been reformatted for clearer and more concise instructions.
  • CPU performance is highly improved, idle usage is stuck at 1 or 2% !
  • Service registering/deregistering was improved.
  • Notification on the interface when WebSocket connection is down.
  • Many improvements and minor glitches fixed, new i18n translations.

How to test ?

Multiple URLs support should be the first thing to test. Do not hesitate to try funky configurations (NAT, multiple network interfaces, etc...), combining these binds with reverse proxies. When testing that, please verify all authentication methods (web, cells-client, cells-sync).

Configurations have been extensively rewritten as well, so were config migrations : please test correct migrations between 2.1.X (or older) and this RC. Of course you should backup your instance before upgrading.

Change log

You can find a summary of the change log here.

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