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Features Release

Cells v2.1 is an important milestone with a lot of attention put into performances, an Authentication module rewritten to get rid of networking configuration issues, and a revamped Cells Console.


Main User Interface

  • Rewrite of the Uploader UX - Fix inconsistencies in the start/pause/resume interactions
  • New activity on metadata updated and on new comments
  • Rework Bookmark and Activity panels
  • New action button on Workspaces and Cells to directly bookmark or watch a whole workspace.
  • Show exact Byte size when hovering human readable size in file info

Admin Dashboard

  • Brand new look-n-feel, better menu organization
  • Unified pagination, sorting and actions on tables, applied to all dashboards, added quick search on most dashboards
  • Better log display, rework search engine to add various criteria, focus on a result and show +/-5 minutes logs
  • Indexed logs including nano time for better sorting
  • ListWorkspaces API optimization (bulk load graph dependencies)
  • [Enterprise] New audit dashboard for exploring storage usage
  • [Enterprise] Tech-preview for Admin pages delegation (contact us)
  • [Enterprise] Tech-preview for scheduler jobs editor

Storage & Performances

  • Huge speed up of move/rename folders
  • New advanced options for managing ETags in datasources (use native ETags, compute ETags but store them on Cells side).
  • S3-compatible storages : send stats in concurrency to speed up indexation, ability to use an S3-only setup at install time, rework S3 gateway to avoid creating .pydio and use amazon-like empty objects instead for folders.
  • Ability to create a folder on filesystem directly within the datasource editor


  • Massive rewrite of the authentication module that greatly simplifies network flows (no more calls to external URL)
  • Fixed case-sensitivity limitation on user/group search

Services startup, APIs and other

  • Better error statuses on Rest API (detect lower-level code, special case for 503)
  • Special value "unique" for --exclude and --tags parameters to exclude or start services that are declared as unique
  • Fixed webDAV double auth request
  • Automatically restart forks if necessary
  • New optional flag to access nats statistics on a dedicated HTTP endpoint

Upgrade - Readme

Upgrading is done by replacing the binary with the latest version (via the in-app tool or manually). Some important notes:

  • Changes are applied to both the data model and the configurations, thus reverting to an earlier version is not an easy task.
  • During the first restart, database schema changes will apply and may take some time depending on index size. A second restart may be required If a datasource seems stuck or unavailable.
  • AWS S3 datasources have been improved by getting rid of the ".pydio" hidden files and use AWS 0-bytes keys instead. This format change is applied automatically during the first indexation, and this can take some time as well.

We strongly encourage you to run the upgrade on a staging environment first, or at least to warn users that there will be a short downtime (if you need to restart the service a couple of times).

Change log

You can find a summary of the change log here.

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