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Cells 2.0.5 - Bugfix and performance release

Cells 2.0.5 is a performance and bugfixes release. A couple of additional safety mechanisms were added to prevent wrong data manipulation.

  • Drastically improved memory consumed by Cells forked processes, that used to load static assets in memory although not necessary.
  • Frequent CPU spikes could be detected when storing many secrets in the internal Vault, which is now fixed.
  • Long-running move/rename operations are now locking the branch to avoid concurrent index modification.
  • ACLs deleted through internal events are not anymore deleted but flagged as expired, to ease Cells recovery in case of FS backup/restore.
  • Additional checks were added at localFS datasources creation, to prevent creating datasources on nested path, or confusing between host and IP.
  • WebDAV server: authentication was required twice at first request, trailing slash on /dav URL is no more required, self-signed support.
  • Improved some cells CLI commands (help/messages displayed, ability to pass a go template to cells version command)
  • Improved performances when updating index by uuid.
  • Fixed bookmarks redirection when inside a Workspace/Cell with multiple roots.

Change log

You can find a summary of the change log here.

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11 months ago