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Cells 2.0.2 - Bugfix and security release

Cells 2.0.2 is a bugfix and security release, upgrade is highly recommended.
It also improves S3 datasources with the support of multiple buckets.

Below is a detailed changelog :

  • S3 Datasource : list buckets in admin interface and pick one or many using a regular expression
  • Fixed wrong error management inside streams listing, which could lead to unexpected behavior with Cells Sync
  • Added support for command completion on the cells binary
  • Force reset url when changing tls configuration (particularly when port is 80)
  • Added a parameter to disable mobile browsers "smart banner" (link to app stores)
  • User Address book: fixed various UX glitches, re-wired DM button
  • Admin console : prevent removing roles that have the auto-apply attribute (they would be re-added anyway)
  • Disable remote download by default and add black/white list parameters
  • Fixed notifications digest that did not support share event and could lead to empty digest email
  • Fixed readonly status for public links to enable Collabora edition
  • Lower log for invalid token as it would show unnecessary errors in the logs

Change log

You can find a summary of the change log here.

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14 months ago