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Cells 2.0.0 rc2 - New release candidate for v2

Coming closer to general availability of Cells 2.0, the most advanced Content Collaboration Platform written in 100% Go.

Welcome CellsSync

This version provides a desktop sync client that replaces (at last) PydioSync for Cells. This is a major step in fulfilling the promise of the initial rewrite of Pydio in GO language, as CellsSync is written in the same language and shares most of its libraries with the server. For this reason, many server components where also extended under the hood.

Most important changes in Cells server :

  • The Sync library, that was used inside DataSources to mirror the object service modifications to the index service of each datasource was fully rewritten. This same library is used for server-to-desktop synchronization, and can even be used in other interesting scenariis : server-side folder-to-folder sync (directly through datasources), server-to-s3 storage sync (for realtime or scheduled backups), etc.
  • The Authentication brick, originaly based on Open ID Connect, has been greatly rethought to allow external applications to use the server as a standard OIDC Identity Provider. Typically, adding an account inside CellsSync opens a common OAuth2 workflow by opening the server login page and getting a token back to the application. CellsSync does not know anything about users credentials locally.

Download Cells 2.0.0-rc2 and CellsSync 0.9.0

To download and test binaries on all platforms, please refer to this Release Note document. Carefully read the "Reporting Bugs" section: we will use the CellsSync repository issues to collect feedbacks.

Change log

You can find a summary of the change log here.

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