github pydio/cells v1.6.0
Better encryption support and polishing UX

This release provides a better support for encrypted datasources, polishes many details in the UI and fixes issues.


  • WebDAV support was broken in 1.5.3 due to an optimization of the JWT authentication token (too many roles).
  • Refix too many roles stored in JWT that can overflow grpc header size.
  • Improve performances of JWT checks
  • Better messaging when token retrieval fails


  • We implemented a new format for storing encrypted data to improve support for both download (video streaming) and upload (multipart uploads).
  • Each block now contain a header with all necessary information that can be used to reconstruct the encryption metadata in case of loss of the associated database.
  • The previous format is of course still supported and will be migrated when updating a file content.


  • During long-lasting operations (long uploads, external editor opened in iFrame), disable the Activity Monitor to avoid auto-logout. This auto-logout parameter can be changed in Settings.
  • Ability to select for copy/paste the content of a log in the log detail window
  • Added a quick filter in the Settings > Available Plugins list
  • Workspaces are better sorted in user profile default workspace list
  • Fix html document title when not logged
  • Fix Welcome Tour when info panel is hidden and add a SKIP button.
  • Improved Metadata panel by auto-saving values when possible, better support for Long Text type
  • Prevent drag'n'drop on readonly folder
  • Fix naming when creating an archive (was always adding a "-1" suffix)
  • Check Mailer configs and expose a property to UI to disable "Send Mail" buttons if no mailer is configured
  • Fix how we check that a folder is readonly for a better adaptation of buttons
  • Fix user locked/unlocked message in Settings > User Editor
  • Do not hide group left panel when showing search results to be able to drag'n'drop a search result inside a given group


  • Update nats-io client
  • Do not log.Fatal() when no db is found, but check in cmd/services-start instead.
  • Better validation of input fields for workspaces, cells and links labels/descriptions
  • Check the {HOME}/.caddy folder writeabilty to avoid Let's Encrypt setup fail
  • Add a check on email address for LE cert generation
  • Added a new command in cells-ctl to flag personal folders with the recycle_root metatadata


  • Fix the need to restart server when adding a new external users directory
  • Ability to update license directly from the Settings panel.

Change log

You can find a summary of the change log here.

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