github pydio/cells v1.5.3
Fixes for 1.5

This release provides various bugfixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue when too many roles (>50) are added to a user
  • Fixed an issue with too restricted permissions on Cells Visibility - Add descriptions on Visibility panels to make them more clear to users
  • Fix wopi format for a wrong date display in LibreOffice Only editor
  • Fix micro errors formating
  • Check ulimit at install and display a warning
  • Make registry load simpler
  • Send welcome email on user creation
  • Ping s3 endpoint at datasource sync startup
  • Better validation of external URL and database credentials at install
  • UX: remember last choice for image resolution (HQ/LQ) using local storage

With this release and thanks to Jesus Peces San Clemente, we now also have a complete translation for Spanish language!
Every contributor is welcome on to help.

Change log

You can find a summary of the change log here.

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21 months ago