github pydio/cells v1.5.0
Features, performances, security

This is an important upgrade that brings performance improvements, bugfixes and security fixes. Upgrade is recommanded.

Massive performance improvements

  • Improve indexation speed, compute checksums in parallel, batch events in many services: indexation of 10k files now takes a couple of minutes.
  • Fix DB prepared statements count going too high
  • Use new index format for Bleve-based services (needs manual reindexation, see Upgrade instructions)
  • Fix idle CPU usage: can be as low as 2% for main process, below 0.5% for sub-processes


  • Allow creating a local FS pointing to a Symbolic Link
  • Fix Streaming on Encrypted Datasources
  • Show specific status when starting datasources
  • Prevent enabling Encryption with no Master Key
  • Fix inter-datasource copy/move operations (especially between encrypted/clear datasources)


  • Easy Drag'n'drop between Workspaces and/or Cells. Dropping to a Cell shows a dialog to either move the file/folder to the Cell or add it as a new shared root.
  • Copy/move task reports progress in UX
  • Handle numeric sorting of Cells and Files. Add a quick filter on Cells.
  • Diaporama supports left/right arrow keys for navigation, Esc for closing, fix sorting
  • Add Markdown Preview in code editor
  • Fix issue with thumbnails size on switching workspace
  • Update VideoJS version
  • Publish Share as Activity
  • Additional parameters for upload requests timeout, for super-slow connections
  • Add generic validation mechanism on Protos and apply automatically when reading pb entity in Rest API. Applied to DSName as an example.
  • Fake synchronous API for WebDAV
  • Reload Jobs automatically when a task is stuck in Pending Mode
  • Allow unicode string usage in user attribute values (e.g. display name of users can use emoji).


  • New Trigger Event on User modification
  • Send groups deletion as background task, and pass a channel for handling objects as they are deleted
  • Optimize events received by scheduler: add a NodesSelector at the Jobs level to avoid creating unnecessary tasks
  • Scheduler actions: use TasksLogger instead of Logger

Cells Enterprise

  • Implement simple per-group tenancy by adjusting users policies.
  • Fix corner cases on LDAP migration
  • BasePluginsBox was registered two times.
  • Change heuristic for computing license stat


  • Vulnerabilities reported by 'Loginsoft Research' (CVEs to be submitted)
  • Mailer: Sender control feature, Default sender display name, PR #58
  • Better JSON serialization for exporting to ELK stack
  • Add various subscribers for cleaning resources on user deletion. By default, personal folder is now renamed to a folder name with uuid.

Change log

You can find a summary of the change log here.

latest releases: v2.2.2, v2.2.1, v2.2.0...
22 months ago