github pydio/cells v1.2.5
Bugfixes and Improvements

This release fixes a couple of annoying bugs in Pydio Cells:

  • Fix an issue with encrypted datasource that could prevent accessing a file after updating it,
  • Fix an issue in admin dashboard that could lead to overwriting an existing user,
  • Fix a crash when an encrypted datasource references a non-existing master key,
  • Prevent the ability to rename a file/folder with a "slash" in it,
  • Fix a CSS resizing issue on Firefox,
  • Prevent multiple read event when streaming a file,
  • Added an option on SMTP server configuration to skip the certificate verification (for self-signed certificates on SMTP server).

Cells Enterprise specific fixes:

  • Fix a permission issue in OnlyOffice plugin,
  • Prevent multiple Audit events when streaming a file.

Update is done in-app or by just replacing the binary. Do not forget to setcap the new binary at restart if required (when using ports 80 or 443).

Change log

You can find a summary of the change log here.

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2 years ago