github pydata/xarray v0.9.6

This release includes a number of backwards compatible enhancements and bug fixes.


  • New sortby() method to Dataset and DataArray that enable sorting along dimensions (GH967). See the docs for examples. By Chun-Wei Yuan and Kyle Heuton.
  • Add .dt accessor to DataArrays for computing datetime-like properties for the values they contain, similar to pandas.Series (GH358). By Daniel Rothenberg.
  • Renamed internal dask arrays created by open_dataset to match new dask conventions (GH1343). By Ryan Abernathey.
  • as_variable() is now part of the public API (GH1303). By Benoit Bovy.
  • align() now supports join='exact', which raises an error instead of aligning when indexes to be aligned are not equal. By Stephan Hoyer.
  • New function open_rasterio() for opening raster files with the rasterio library. See the docs for details. By Joe Hamman, Nic Wayand and Fabien Maussion

Bug fixes

  • Fix error from repeated indexing of datasets loaded from disk (GH1374). By Stephan Hoyer.
  • Fix a bug where .isel_points wrongly assigns unselected coordinate to data_vars. By Keisuke Fujii.
  • Tutorial datasets are now checked against a reference MD5 sum to confirm successful download (GH1392). By Matthew Gidden.
  • DataArray.chunk() now accepts dask specific kwargs like Dataset.chunk() does. By Fabien Maussion.
  • Support for engine='pydap' with recent releases of Pydap (3.2.2+), including on Python 3 (GH1174).


  • A new gallery allows to add interactive examples to the documentation. By Fabien Maussion.


  • Fix test suite failure caused by changes to pandas.cut function (GH1386). By Ryan Abernathey.
  • Enhanced tests suite by use of @network decorator, which is controlled via --run-network-tests command line argument to py.test (GH1393). By Matthew Gidden.
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