github pydata/xarray v0.9.3


  • Add .persist() method to Datasets and DataArrays to enable persisting data in distributed memory (GH1344). By Matthew Rocklin.
  • New expand_dims() method for DataArray and Dataset (GH1326). By Keisuke Fujii.

Bug fixes

  • Fix .where() with drop=True when arguments do not have indexes (GH1350). This bug, introduced in v0.9, resulted in xarray producing incorrect results in some cases. By Stephan Hoyer.
  • Fixed writing to file-like objects with to_netcdf() (GH1320). Stephan Hoyer.
  • Fixed explicitly setting engine='scipy' with to_netcdf when not providing a path (GH1321). Stephan Hoyer.
  • Fixed open_dataarray does not pass properly its parameters to open_dataset (GH1359). Stephan Hoyer.
  • Ensure test suite works when runs from an installed version of xarray (GH1336). Use @pytest.mark.slow instead of a custom flag to mark slow tests. By Stephan Hoyer
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4 years ago