github pydata/xarray v0.9.2

The minor release includes bug-fixes and backwards compatible enhancements.


  • .rolling() on Dataset is now supported (GH859). By Keisuke Fujii.
  • When bottleneck version 1.1 or later is installed, use bottleneck for rolling var, argmin, argmax, and rank computations. Also, rolling median now accepts a min_periods argument (GH1276). By Joe Hamman.
  • When .plot() is called on a 2D DataArray and only one dimension is specified with x= or y=, the other dimension is now guessed (GH1291). By Vincent Noel.
  • Added new method assign_attrs() to DataArray and Dataset, a chained-method compatible implementation of the dict.update method on attrs (GH1281). By Henry S. Harrison.
  • Added new autoclose=True argument to open_mfdataset() to explicitly close opened files when not in use to prevent occurrence of an OS Error related to too many open files (GH1198). Note, the default is autoclose=False, which is consistent with previous xarray behavior. By Phillip J. Wolfram.
  • The repr() of Dataset and DataArray attributes uses a similar format to coordinates and variables, with vertically aligned entries truncated to fit on a single line (GH1319). Hopefully this will stop people writing data.attrs = {} and discarding metadata in notebooks for the sake of cleaner output. The full metadata is still available as data.attrs. By Zac Hatfield-Dodds.
  • Enhanced tests suite by use of @slow and @flaky decorators, which are controlled via --run-flaky and --skip-slow command line arguments to py.test (GH1336). By Stephan Hoyer and Phillip J. Wolfram.

Bug fixes

  • Rolling operations now keep preserve original dimension order (GH1125). By Keisuke Fujii.
  • Fixed sel with method='nearest' on Python 2.7 and 64-bit Windows (GH1140). Stephan Hoyer.
  • Fixed where with drop='True' for empty masks (GH1341). By Stephan Hoyer and Phillip J. Wolfram.
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