github pydata/xarray v0.8.2

This release includes a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Breaking changes

  • broadcast() and concat() now auto-align inputs, using join=outer. Previously, these functions raised ValueError for non-aligned inputs. By Guido Imperiale.


  • New documentation on Transitioning from pandas.Panel to xarray. By Maximilian Roos.
  • New Dataset and DataArray methods to_dict() and from_dict() to allow easy conversion between dictionaries and xarray objects (#432). See dictionary IO for more details. By Julia Signell.
  • Added exclude and indexes optional parameters to align(), and exclude optional parameter to broadcast(). - By Guido Imperiale.
  • Better error message when assigning variables without dimensions (#971). By Stephan Hoyer.
  • Better error message when reindex/align fails due to duplicate index values (#956). By Stephan Hoyer.

Bug fixes

  • Ensure xarray works with h5netcdf v0.3.0 for arrays with dtype=str (#953). By Stephan Hoyer.
  • Dataset.dir() (i.e. the method python calls to get autocomplete options) failed if one of the dataset’s keys was not a string (#852). By Maximilian Roos.
  • Dataset constructor can now take arbitrary objects as values (#647). By Maximilian Roos.
    Clarified copy argument for reindex() and align(), which now consistently always return new xarray objects (#927).
  • Fix open_mfdataset with engine='pynio' (#936). By Stephan Hoyer.
    groupby_bins sorted bin labels as strings (#952). By Stephan Hoyer.
  • Fix bug introduced by v0.8.0 that broke assignment to datasets when both the left and right side have the same non-unique index values (#956).
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