github pydata/xarray v0.6.1

This release contains a number of bug and compatibility fixes, as well as enhancements to plotting, indexing and writing files to disk.

Note that the minimum required version of dask for use with xray is now version 0.6.

  • Faceted plotting through FacetGrid and the plot() method. See Faceting for more details and examples.
  • sel() and reindex() now support the tolerance argument for controlling nearest-neighbor selection (GH629). This feature requires pandas v0.17 or newer.
  • New encoding argument in to_netcdf() for writing netCDF files with compression, as described in the new documentation section on Writing encoded data.
  • Add real and imag attributes to Dataset and DataArray (GH553).
  • More informative error message with from_dataframe() if the frame has duplicate columns.
  • xray now uses deterministic names for dask arrays it creates or opens from disk. This allows xray users to take advantage of dask’s nascent support for caching intermediate computation results. See GH555 for an example.
  • Compatibility with Python 3.5 (GH583).
  • Compatibility with pandas 0.17 (GH569).
  • Compatability with numpy 1.10 (GH618).

See the What's New page for more information. Please report any issues here.

You an install the latest version of xray via conda:

conda install xray

or via pip:

pip install xray

latest releases: v0.19.0, v0.18.2, v0.18.1...
5 years ago