github pydata/xarray v0.3.1

This is mostly a bug-fix release to make xray compatible with the latest release of pandas (v0.15).

We added several features to better support working with missing values and exporting xray objects to pandas. We also reorganized the internal API for serializing and deserializing datasets, but this change should be almost entirely transparent to users.

Other than breaking the experimental DataStore API, there should be no backwards incompatible changes.

New features:

  • Added count and dropna methods, copied from pandas, for working with missing values.
  • Added DataArray.to_pandas for
    converting a data array into the pandas object with the same dimensionality
    (1D to Series, 2D to DataFrame, etc.).
  • Support for reading gzipped netCDF3 files.
  • Reduced memory usage when writing netCDF files.
  • 'missing_value' is now supported as an alias for the '_FillValue' attribute
    on netCDF variables.
  • Trivial indexes, equivalent to range(n) where n is the length of the
    dimension, are no longer written to disk.

Bug fixes:

  • Compatibility fixes for pandas v0.15.
  • Fixes for display and indexing of NaT (not-a-time).
  • Fix slicing by label was an argument is a data array.
  • Test data is now shipped with the source distribution.
  • Ensure order does not matter when doing arithmetic with scalar data arrays.
  • Order of dimensions preserved with DataArray.to_dataframe.
latest releases: v0.19.0, v0.18.2, v0.18.1...
6 years ago