github pydata/xarray v0.2

This is major release that includes some new features and quite a few bug
fixes. Here are the highlights:

  • There is now a direct constructor for DataArray objects, which makes it
    possible to create a DataArray without using a Dataset. This is highlighted
    in the refreshed tutorial.
  • You can perform aggregation operations like mean directly on
    xray.Dataset objects, thanks to Joe Hamman. These aggregation
    methods also worked on grouped datasets.
  • xray now works on Python 2.6, thanks to Anna Kuznetsova.
  • A number of methods and attributes were given more sensible (usually shorter)
    names: labeled -> sel, indexed -> isel, select ->
    select_vars, unselect -> drop_vars, dimensions -> dims,
    coordinates -> coords, attributes -> attrs.
  • New Dataset.load_data and Dataset.close methods for datasets facilitate lower level of control of data loaded from disk.
latest releases: v0.19.0, v0.18.2, v0.18.1...
7 years ago