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v0.6.6 (Elasticized Elanodactylus)

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3 years ago


  • Fixes an issue with the mmmagic dependency not installing correctly when using Nodejs v10.
  • Close the server logs correctly when a server is deleted.
  • Fixes a bug causing servers to hang in the 'Starting server container' state if there was an error with the container.
  • Fix a bug in the SFTP system that would cause a request failure if a file didn't return a valid time created/modified.
  • Handle an unknown flag sent from Cyberduck when creating a file.


  • A non-zero response code from an installer script will now mark a server as having failed installation.
  • Less confusing error output when the SFTP subsystem encounters an issue. Will now properly log the error rather than cause a second error that covers up the initial error.


  • Adds initial beta support for defining custom CA stores that the daemon will use when making HTTPS requests. These can be set by defining an array of file locations using internals.ca_stores in the Daemon configuration.

SHA256 Checksum

b454c5f482887fc8121c9c7bcab8a1a7e8df5044a3f5d3565dcf1a977e276bad  daemon.tar.gz

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