github pterodactyl/daemon v0.6.13
v0.6.13 (Elasticized Elanodactylus)

2 years ago


  • [Security] Fixes a bug in the websocket authorization process that could allow a malcious authenticated user to connect and send commands to a server they do not have permission to access.
  • Fixes utilization metrics to send the correct CPU and memory usage calculations for servers. This now matches the logic used by docker stats.
  • Files with a colon in their name can be properly decompressed.


  • Installation docker images can now be prefixed with ~ to use a local image.


  • General dependency upgrades to reduce the number of audit warnings on installation.

SHA256 Checksum

836ad8946a270df012c00d2ad504fff6705dc536696c52f6cf72002f22c692b0  daemon.tar.gz

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