github pterodactyl/daemon v0.6.12
v0.6.12 (Elasticized Elanodactylus)

latest release: v0.6.13
3 years ago


  • Fixes a bug with the packs system that would not properly handle an error response from the panel resulting in the server
    getting stuck in a hung installation state.
  • Fixes a bug with how packs were downloaded and decompressed that resulted in them properly downloading but an error
    cropping up when decompressing their contents.


  • Install logs are no longer deleted when a server fails it's installation and is removed.


  • Dockerfile for building an official docker image for the daemon. (uses the golang sftp-server)

SHA256 Chcecksum

aef507f4b9f1272b678cf8b23c0cf0db58d1bba4e8a02d6744018f63db4ff66a  daemon.tar.gz

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