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v0.5.5 (Dazzling Daohugoupterus)

latest releases: v0.6.13, v0.6.12, v0.6.11...
4 years ago


  • Fixes diagnostics script to not die when reading large files and also includes the container name in output for easier linking to a server.
  • Fix a potential exception loop when attempting to rebuild a container that does not exist to begin with.
  • Server output is now correct and not split across lines.


  • Cleans up docker container removal and makes debugging messages clearer.
  • Reason for process crash (OOM, ErrorText, and ErrorCode) are now output into the logs and the console output for processes.
  • Server output throttling is handled differently now and should no longer kill processes that are simply outputting long amounts of data. DoS attacks are recognized and killed in under 1 second, rather than the 30 seconds of previous versions. internals.throttle.bytes was removed and replaced with internals.throttle.lines with a default value of 1000.

SHA256 Checksum

cb5c2102d12d2cff18ee22e7091646440701e8746e1984ac0c6725fbc3c8fa82  daemon.tar.gz

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